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How can I join a team?

Any breast cancer survivor with a desire to be part of Dragonheart Vermont can join. You don’t need to be an athlete. Our goal is to have a team of breast cancer survivors of all ages. We are finding that others want to join in our paddling fun. We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in dragon boating. We are also fielding a team of supporters and paddling enthusiasts for a mixed boat, women’s team, men’s team, and youth team. We welcome anyone who wants to try dragon boating. Together we hope to serve as ambassadors of good health, good cheer, and good fellowship and sistership. Want to see courage in a canoe? Want to feel paddling with a purpose? Come on down to the lake and paddle with us.

For more information e-mail info@dragonheartvermont.org.

When does Dragonheart practice?

Dragonheart holds practice 3-4 times a week. You do not have to come to every practice. Pick or choose the time or times that work for you. As we grow, our practice times have been changing to accommodate everyone. We do hold a Newbie Night each week. Paddling a dragon boat feels awkward at first. By the end of the first session, you will begin to get the hang of it. We ask that new people try dragon boating twice and then decide if they want to join the team. As a member, we have an online member practice board to view the team’s practice schedule and to sign up for a seat on the boats.

Do I need to be athletic or have paddling experience?

No and no! The beauty of dragon boating is that just about anyone can do it. It is not how strong or skilled you are. It is all about how well you paddle in time with your neighbors. The boat won’t go unless we are all paddling together. This is where practice comes in! The first time you go our paddling, it will fill awkward. You be asked to engage your whole body. This is not a passive kind of paddling. This is not to say that we don’t top to smell the rose. We absolutely do! Who wouldn’t when we have the Adirondack and Green Mountains as the backdrop? Our coach will be asking you to reach and twist and dig in and pull back. You’ll be clacking paddles with your neighbor and wondering what you are doing out in this long skinny boat as big ferry is passing by you??!! Don’t worry. By the time you have taken part in your second practice, you’ll be hooked. Promise!

What are the benefits of becoming apart of Dragonheart?

There are so many plusses that come as a result of joining Dragonheart. First and foremost, you are gaining friends. We have been blessed with a tremendous group of people who have become Dragonhearters. The camaraderie and positive feelings that come from paddling together are incomparable. Our members say that they go home from our practices energized and HAPPY. Secondly, you will feel a sense of empowerment from dragonboating. As you paddle, you can take control of your body to channel and strengthen your muscles, flexibility, and timing. Regular exercise is the best way to keep your body young, health, and fit. Paddling a dragon boat is a full body activity. It is not just an upper body workout. Your core and your legs are fully engaged as your stroke. We joke that there is a ‘youthening’ process that occurs when you get hooked on dragonboating. Our Dragonheart members are prime examples of this! Thirdly, you can add the excitement of racing, if you choose. What is more fun then a race? It gets the adrenaline flowing as we work our bodies to our limits. We have fun races on Lake Champlain. We also travel to other U.S. and Canadian cities to take part in dragonboat festivals. The flip side of that is that we always take the time to appreciate the beautiful setting here on the Burlington waterfront. The beauty and serenity of the neighboring Adirondack Mountains, the glistening water, a passing sailboat, or the sun-kissed twilight sky all add to the sheer enjoyment of paddling our dragonboats together on Lake Champlain. Lastly, you will be apart of a team who share an indomitable spirit that just can’t help but inspire everyone, not only breast cancer survivors, to live a full, active life.

Where does Dragonheart practice?

We practice at The Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center (LCCSC). It is located near ECHO Science Center and Skate Park on the waterfront in Burlington. Take I89 North to Exit 14west. Exit onto Main Street (Rt. 2) and head all the way down to the lake. At the Union Station, Main Street, Main Street bends to the right and you proceed to a stop sign. On your left is ECHO and ahead on the right is the new Main Street Landing construction site. Stay straight. This is Lake Street. Continue on this until you get to the Skate Park. The road bears to the left here. The Sailing Center would prefer that we park in the filed to the north of the center. To access this field, turn right on the dirt road directly past the Skateboard Park that parallels the bike path. The road says "Do not enter" but you can proceed cautiously. Go past the back of the Sailing Center and carefully turn left under the LCCSC banner. Park in the field as close to the gate as you want. The LCCSC is located to the right in the old Moran Power Plant. Walk over to the docks where you will see our beautiful red dragon boats!!!

What do you need for practice?

The team has a supply of paddles, life jackets, and butt pads (a necessity for comfort) for you to use. Be sure to wear sun block. Sunglasses with a croakie are always helpful. Bring a water bottle. Wear shorts and top that you don’t mind if they get wet. A technical fabric like runners wear is ideal as it wicks, breathes, and dries quickly. On your feet, again wear something you don’t mind if it gets wet. A sport sandal works great. Teva, Columbia, and Keene make a great waterproof sandal. Oh, and bring a smile . . . it will prepare you for the laughs ahead.

What does it cost to join Dragonheart?

We are a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers. Dragonheart does have annual membership dues. It covers our mooring, storage, and insurance costs. When you decide to join the team, we can give you the specifics.

Does everyone take part in dragon boat races?

Everyone wants something different from dragon boating. Some choose to be recreational paddlers. They will paddle for the sheer camaraderie and beauty of paddling on Lake Champlain. Others want to take it up a notch and they will take on the challenge of dragon boat racing. Even for those who don’t travel to festivals can feel the exhilaration of a race because this year the team has two boats!!! We also will be having Family Fun Races on some Sundays through out the summer.

Does the team other activities during the rest of the year?

Yes, we are not just fair weather friends. Dragonheart holds meetings once a month year-round. We try to schedule fun get-togethers each month. Last year the team hiked in the fall, held a holiday dinner, enjoyed a weekend treat together, hit the trails for a snowshoe adventure, and organized a ski outing.

What do you need to join Dragonheart?

We want you to try paddling before you decide if you want to join the team. We would like for you to try dragon boat TWICE before you make your decision. At the end of the second time, please let us know that you want to join Dragonheart and we will start the process. When you fill out a few forms and pay your team dues, you will be given information about online signups for practice.

Please Support Us!

Dragonheart Vermont’s mission is to promote breast cancer awareness and to provide hope to all cancer survivors and their families. We hope to inspire every person who sees us to live a life full of wellness, exercise, and joy.

In our first year, our team worked tirelessly to raise the funds for two dragon boats. We reached our goal within 10 months— just in time for our second season of paddling. We did not do it with any big grants, we did through the kindness of people like you or want to support us and send us donations. Our current goal is raise the money needed to purchase a trailer for our dragon boats. With a trailer, Dragonheart will have the opportunity to take our dragon boats on the road and share the joyous sport with breast cancer survivors throughout New England. Can you help?

Dragonheart Vermont is a 501c3 tax-exempt, non-profit corporation. All donations are truly appreciated as well as tax deductible. Checks can be made to Dragonheart Vermont and sent to:

Dragonheart Vermont
P.O. Box 65301
Burlington, VT 05406.

For more information, please email info@dragonheartvermont.org.

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