What is a dragon boat race like?

Dragonheart VermontDragon boat races and festivals are held all over Canada and the United States. They involve premier paddlers as well as first-time paddlers. A dragon boat measures a length of about 41 feet. A ceremonial dragon head and tail are attached to the boats during races. An Eye-Dotting Ceremony, to awaken the dragon from its sleep, is held at the beginning of most dragon boat events. Twenty paddlers sit two-by-two in the boat. A steersperson stands in the back and takes on the all-important job of keeping the boat on course. A drummer sits in the front of the boat and beats out a rhythm to keep the paddlers in sync. Dragon boat races are fast and furious. The distances typically range from 250, 500, and 2000-meter races but as the sport evolves more variety prevails. In a 500-meter event , the race lasts about 2 minutes! Paddlers are averaging 50 to 80 strokes per minute. The key to the team’s success lies in their ability to stroke together. The team that strokes together propels the boat forward with the least amount of friction. It’s 22 hearts beating as one. For breast cancer survivors, the race isn’t about winning but about sharing.

Our Dragonheart Teams

Dragonheart is growing fast. At the moment , we have enough paddlers to field two breast cancer survivor teams, a mixed boat, and a women's team. We also have the makings for a men's team. We hold Family Fun Races once a month to give everyone a chance to try racing. Our Dragonheart teams take part in races monthly from June to September in the United and Canada. Dragon boating is becoming so popular that you can find a race somewhere almost every weekend of the year. In fact, we are going to host a festival in Burlington this summer (see below).Click on any of the races below to see some of our photos taken at the dragon boat races.

Want to join us for a dragon boat race?

This summer Dragonheart is putting on dragon boat races in Burlington, Vermont. It will be The Lake Champlain Dragon Boat Festival slated for Sunday, August 6, 2006. We invite everyone to join us for the fun and festivities. Come race. Come enjoy good music and food. Come help us raise money for an ultrasound machine used to diagnose and treat cancer survivors. Go to our festival website for all the details at www.ridethedragon.org.

Dragonheart Races

  • Sherbrooke Dragon Boat Festival, Sherbrooke, Ontario, CN
  • Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • Vermont Friendship Race with the Machestic Dragons
  • Boston Dragon Boat Festival , Boston, MA
  • Montreal International Dragon Boat Festival, Montreal, CN
  • Newport Dragon Boat Festival, Newport, VT
  • Ten Years Abreast Celebration, Vancouver, CN

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